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Dear Ahli.NET Customer,
Please read the following security tips from Ahli International Bank Online Banking Service (For your own Safety)

    • Ahli International Bank will never ask for your ID and Password.
    • Always be careful when you receive emails asking you to login to the service.
      Ahli International Bank will never ask you for your details or login information through email
    • We encourage you to report any incident or Suspicious email, please don't hesitate contacting us
      at: +961-1970920 , Fax: + 961-1970939
    • Check your account regularly. If you spot any discrepancies report the incident to us immediately.
    • Your 'ID' and 'Password' should only be known to yourself. Never disclose them to anyone,
      or write them in an email or anywhere else.
    • Never leave your computer unattended while logged on.
    • Always LOGOUT properly (by clicking the sign out button from the navigation menu).
    • Check certificate of the site, to ensure that you are accessing Ahli NET Service, check its online certificate.
    • Ensure that no monitoring programs (Key loggers, trojans) run on your PC as your personal details including
       ID and Password may be seen or recorded.
    • Clear your cache. We automatically instruct most browsers not to save your personal information in its cache
    • Close down your browser by selecting "File" and then "Close" on your menu bar, when you have cleared
       your cache and history.
    • Check your PC for viruses on a regular basis (By installing Anti-Virus Software along with Personal Firewall).
    • Don't open emails from unknown senders


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